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Leather Strap for Wristwatch / U9 model
Leather Strap for Wristwatch / U9 model
Leather Strap for Wristwatch / U9 model
Leather Strap for Wristwatch / U9 model
Measure your wrist size

Leather Strap for Wristwatch / U9 model

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Classic black wide leather brand for your Apple Watch, Samsung Watch or FitBit.

It features a triangle-shaped leather outer layer, nice black details and some precise stitching. Truly unique handcrafted piece.

We are happy to offer fully handmade leather bands. Each band is hand cut, punched, stitched, and assembled with great care and attention to detail.

We use only highest quality cow leather which is durable, nice to touch, and looks amazing.

Crater Leather band embodies the image of a confident person. Dynamic, stylish, well-informed, independent - one who wears Crater Leather bands. They will help you highlight your unique style. Soft leather material of the bracelet does not injure the hand, it gives a sense of security and confidence.

They combine perfectly with the sporty style clothes and jeans and are a great finishing touch that completes your perfect look.

This black U9 model is a band that you can wear literally with anything as it is a staple black color.

If you are interested in another color, you check out a nice brown version of this band, which is a U8 leather band.

Also, check out the AirPods cases - amazing little accessories for your earphones. They also come in a Pro version - AirPods Pro cases.

Our entire collection of bands.

How to purchase

When making a purchase, you will have the option to choose your type of watch in the menu. We are making bracelets for different types of Apple Watch and Samsung Watch. Please, be sure to choose carefully the one that you need.

You can choose from the options the size of the strap according to your wrist size.

Measure your wrist size where you position your watch on your wrist by using a vinyl tape measure or string. Mark the string where it meets and measure that against a ruler. This is your wrist size.

Please, measure your wrist and choose on of the options.

You can measure your wrist with a measuring tape.

*Wrist watch Samsung on the photos is for reference only and not included.